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Passenger Arrival Card (Chinese)


NZ Customs Service passenger arrival card in Chinese language

This is the form all passengers must fill in on arrival in New Zealand.

The information collected from the cards is used by nine different agencies including Customs, Immigration, Statistics, Police, and the Ministries of Health, Justice, Tourism and Transport. The data plays a vital role in border security, but is also used for data matching, statistics and other purposes authorised by law.

It captures information relating to immigration, biosecurity and customs. The Passenger Arrival Card that arriving visitors will receive is in English only and must be completed in English. The benefit of providing them with a translated version is that Chinese passengers can print a copy to take with them so that they can cross-reference with the card they receive on the flight if they have difficulty with English.

The English version can be downloaded here.

How to use this tool:

If you are communicating with Chinese visitors directly before they travel to New Zealand - send them this link to ensure they understand what is required from them on arrival.

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