For more about China’s language and etiquette, plus further training and ideas to add value to your business, use the tools drawers provided here.

Take your knowledge about China to the next level with advanced Chinese language tips. Learn the rules of Chinese etiquette to avoid causing confusion or offence. Add value to your Chinese visitors’ stay by offering China-specific tourism services, including some favourite foods and recipes that are easy to source and prepare. Add further value to your business by maximising your online marketing activity in China – and find out where you can get further training and specialist help.


The Chinese language can look daunting but here’s a few insights into understanding the basics, including greetings.


Chinese society has a specific etiquette or code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behaviour. It’s important that you know how to behave without causing offence or giving the wrong impression.


Food is at the heart of every Chinese visitor. If you provide them with a less than ideal dining experience then their entire holiday satisfaction level will suffer. What food do they like? What can you provide easily and simply?

Business Services

Improve the visitor experience you give to Chinese visitors. What services can you add as a business that will increase their enjoyment and add value to their stay? For example better signage, improved amenities and shopping choices.

Internet & Social Media

How does the internet and social media operate in China? How can you best market your products and connect to prospective Chinese visitors?


Information to assist you with improving your service offering to Chinese visitors to New Zealand.

Get Help

Can’t find what you are looking for from the China Toolkit? Want to seek out professional advice to assist you with your specific challenge? Here’s a list of specialists in a number of fields who can help.