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This is a platform where we guide Chinese tourists to help them explore Chinese marketplaces and discover Chinese heritage in
New Zealand, giving them the most pleasant and memorable tourism experience possible.

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Chinese Visitor Arrivals


Average Spend Per Person

NZ $3,893

Average Length Of Stay

9.2 days

Chinese Travellers To New Zealand

Chinese tourists are becoming increasingly aware of New Zealand, not only because of the country’s high-quality education but also because of the country’s authentic Chinese markets and Chinese history. Get a chance to learn more by joining us on a journey to experience China in New Zealand, where we guarantee you the best travel!

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William Mack

China Toolkit is a great way to educate Chinese tourists about the heritage that has been left in New Zealand, allowing them to visit the country and learn about
their history.

Dianna Lepage

Thanks to the China Toolkit, I was able to have a unique experience of experiencing Chinese culture in the most convenient way possible.

Barbara Lockhart

This platform is beneficial not only to Chinese tourists but also to New Zealanders. They work hard to bring Chinese history and culture to light in a suitable manner while providing a high-quality
tourism experience.

Industry and Government Partnership

This project began with the China Market Review, released by the Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Rt Hon. John Key during his visit to China in April 2013.

The China Market Review was undertaken by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) from July 2012 with a joint industry/government expert advisory group.

Included in the Review was a recommendation to develop a toolkit to accelerate the ability of New Zealand businesses and destinations to raise their service levels for the Chinese visitor market.

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