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Chinese domestic and out bound tourism has witnessed a growth in the past 20 years. There are certain factors that have been influencing the growth of travelling and tourism industry in China. These three factors contribute to a great change.

China’s domestic tourism industry is working under the influence of the 3 Hs, i.e., high input, high risk, and high output pattern. Other factors like support of government also influences the trends in the industry.

Instead of long haul sightseeing and long trips, people are moving towards to take short and medium vacations in between. This has resulted into building of ReBAM or Recreational belt around metropolis. These kinds of projects are being developed by the government and key players of the tourism market to support these burgeoning trends: –

Cultural and sport tourism

Cultural tourism and sport tourism have been growing in China. The trio of sports, culture and tourism is producing marvellous results. Government is also supporting this new trend and recently it has promulgated the following for the expansion of the trio: –

  • Views on further expansion of consumption in the areas of tourism, cultural, sports, health, pension, education and training, etc.
  • Guidance on the development of sports tourism
  • Implementation plan of cultural tourism promotion project in the period of the thirteenth five-year plan

Cultural and sport tourism

Establishing sophisticated rail systems for tourism

The mode of transportation determines the type of tourism. The revolution in the mode of transportation has played an important factor that affects the China’s tourism business. High-speed network of rail system increases the connectivity and saves the time for people in travelling.

The average of railways running in a year has increased from 2018 to 29,000 kilometers. It is more than the world’s 2/3rd running rail mileage. According to the 2018 High-speed Rail Travel Consumption Report, the booking for high-speed railways in increasing at a static rate of 25% each year. Railways, as a mode of communication are reliable, safe, personalised, and convenient.

Internet + Tourism” promotes the new development of tourism

The government has issued Opinions on Further Promoting Tourism Investment and Consumption to revamp the tourism industry with technology and the internet. It was done to promote and enhance the development of the 13th five year National Tourism Informatization Plan conducted by the National Tourism Administration for the development of smart tourism where most of the things are automated.

Good policies will promote the development of tourism

With the belt and road strategy, 515 plan and tourism for all plan, government had been reinvigorating the plan. Many other policies affect the vacation days in which people can plan their holidays as per the Regulation on Public Holidays for National Annual Festivals and Memorial Days.

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