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New Zealand is a land enveloped by water bodies and is rich in natural beauty. The country may be a little pricey for tourists. Still, a trip to New Zealand is well worth it because it has a stunning variety of gorgeous landscapes and kind and playful people unlike anywhere else on the globe, making it an ideal travel destination. On the other hand, New Zealand is well-known in China for its dairy products and Maori culture, and it is quickly becoming a tourism destination for all Chinese visitors. In the part below, we’ll discuss it more.

Chinese visitors

Types of visitors visiting New Zealand

The majority of Chinese Chinese people regard New Zealand as an agricultural nation abundant in Maori culture, sheep and wool, and dairy items. As more students travel to New Zealand to study, more Chinese people become aware of the country. The majority of Chinese tourists come to New Zealand for vacation or business. Visiting family or friends category people are also present who go to New Zealand to visit those staying there.

Chinese tourist experience in New Zealand

Every Chinese tourist has a very varied experience while visiting New Zealand, based on the objective of their trip and the visa they have. VFR and educational visitors, on the one hand, can drive freely in private or rented cars while staying in hotels in New Zealand. On the other hand, Holiday travelers must travel with an approved tour agent and have all of their activities, lodgings, and meals pre-arranged on a set itinerary.

New Zealand tourism is not offered as a standalone vacation for its proximity to Australia but rather as part of a package. Chinese tourists frequently visit Auckland city, Rotorua’s sheep shearing exhibition, and a Maori village when visiting New Zealand. Chinese tourists prefer to visit two places: Australia and New Zealand, in a 12- to 15-day period rather than staying in one spot for an extended period.

Why is Chinese tourism increasing in New Zealand?

Not many people know that New Zealand has had a rich Chinese heritage since the mid-nineteenth century. Many Chinese miners came to New Zealand hoping to make it big, but only a few were successful. These Chinese miners lived in a small Chinese community within the country, and after the gold mining era ended, a few miners remained to preserve their culture.

This Chinese ancestry gives insight into how Chinese people worked and lived during the 1890s. This has thus become a draw for Chinese tourists who want to witness their ancestors’ impressions in a foreign land, which depict an industrious but sad tale of their life. New Zealand has seen a way to capitalize on this history by maintaining and promoting Chinese culture to attract more Chinese tourists.

Final Views

It has been observed that New Zealand’s popularity among Chinese tourists is growing rapidly, owing to the country’s efforts to improve Chinese tourists’ travel experiences. Therefore, to guarantee that Chinese tourists love their holiday and stay in New Zealand, the country focuses on providing a high-quality travel experience.

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