For many businesses, operations need to be conducted at the place where the customers live. It is imperative to visit the supplier for inspection of goods, customers for taking the feedback, or check and analyse what has gone wrong with the supply chain and nothing can go from one place to another. To assess the real-time situation, business personnel’s have to visit the site in person.


China Business Submit that was held in Auckland, New Zealand, emphasises the importance of China in international trade. PM Jacinda Arden also acknowledged the Asian country’s geopolitical importance and the burgeoning opportunities for both countries to work in tandem to support each other’s interests at the international trade platforms.

If you are looking to expand your business in the mainland, some things need your attention and consideration.

Finding a partner who you can trust

It this important to have a team of trustworthy individuals when you plan to expand your business overseas. If you are exporting for the first time, it is easier to do so with a team of locals who have a strong network. They can expand your business faster with their referrals and track down the places that supply things of your need. For instance, there are over 25 million Chinese living in New Zealand. They can help Chinese brands to flourish in the country.

Shifting to new sales channels

Pandemic has changed how sales work in a post-covid era. Working from home, online virtual meetings on platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, using social media for branding and connecting and shopping online has now become standard practice.

Find out what is happening economically, socially, and politically in China

Understanding the culture and economy of the place where you are planning to establish the business is important. Cultures of eastern and western countries are different. Marketing tricks that work with the western population might not work in the Chinese mainland. The only way to get an insight into these things is to connect with the local entrepreneurs.

Conduct research on your level to understand the business and operations of the specific industry where you want to trade-in. Do not restrict yourself to getting information only from one source. Rather, try to expand your horizon to otter sources as well.

local investors

Try local investors to raise capital for your business

To ensure the success of your business venture abroad, make sure to create interest of local investors in your project. It is practically relevant and strategically important to have some sort of offshore investment in your business. You can contact businessmen in China who are looking to expand their business in the country of your origin. Both of you mutually benefit each other.

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